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Educational Exploration

Rainbow Trout Creativity, the harbour school, is proud to take the title of Phuket’s very first preschool to offer a high-quality Finnish curriculum for early years education and daycare. We have developed a holistic childcare programme for our students that is centred around creativity and fun, empowering them to develop key skills through educational exploration.

Whatsmore, we have adapted these principles to the design of our Summer Camp programme, giving even more children the opportunity to experience this exciting and innovative way of learning. Our trained teachers have created a specialized curriculum in which important skills and invaluable learning areas are covered throughout the Summer Camp.

Here is a tiny taste of what we have prepared:

The Great Outdoors

The first week of the summer camp kicks off with exploring the great outdoors. This is where your child will take part in many fun activities that require problem-solving, sorting, and socialization skills to name a few. While your child has the freedom to run, jump, climb and play; they develop an appreciation of nature and all of its vast and complex elements.

Sustainable Art

The sooner we learn the value of a sustainable mindset, the better chance we have of creating a brighter future for us all. Over week two, your little one will exercise their creativity and imagination by training themselves to see recycled and natural materials in a different light. These thought processes plant the seeds for innovation and design thinking, skills your growing child will find invaluable in building a sustainable future.

Sensory Science

We have planned a series of stimulating science experiments for week three, all designed to test the five senses while encouraging your child to be inquisitive and curious. From improving observational skills and foresight to reasoning skills and increased attention span, the value of science is as limitless for society as it is for your child's development.

Mindful Movement

The fourth and final week of Summer Camp focuses on all aspects of mindfulness; whether your child is learning the importance of breathing exercises, taking part in visualization meditations, or expressing their emotions through creative movement. Mindfulness plays a huge role in emotional development and socialization, strengthening emotional intelligence and improving empathy.

Whether your child can attend the whole month or only a few weeks, we welcome them to join us on this exciting learning adventure. From appreciating the value of nature to developing a creatively sustainable mindset, exploring the senses with science to using mindfulness to understand and express emotion; The Rainbow Trout Creativity Summer Camp facilitates educational exploration in a way that every child can benefit from!

Our Summer Camp will be held at our Phuket preschool, situated in the Boat Lagoon Marina, over the month of July 2019. Our class sizes are small to ensure that each and every child is given the attention they deserve - however, this does mean that availability is limited. Bookings are essential and should be completed as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We welcome all children between the ages of 3½ - 6 years old, however, if you have a child between the ages of 3 and 3½ that you feel would benefit from our Summer Camp - kindly contact us via email for more information.

Email: info@rainbowtroutcreativity.com