Phuket preschool
Phuket preschool

Phuket international school

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Phuket preschool
Phuket preschool

Phuket international school

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Rainbow Trout International Kindergarten Phuket, will have the first of its kind Primary Program in Phuket. The program adopts the world-class Finnish curriculum, which will be supervised by a management team in Finland. The curriculum will be approved and acknowledged by the Finnish Ministry of Education and the Finnish Embassy in Thailand.


Located at the scenic and tranquil Boat Lagoon it is a place very conducive for learning, especially in the foundation years. The school is surrounded by amenities that enhance learning opportunities for the students. Each area is designed to stimulate and promote critical thinking through curiosity and discovery.


The Program will use the Finnish curriculum which is known for being the best in the world due to its holistic approach in education. 

It emphasizes Multi-literacy, which includes financial and economic literacy, civic study and 21st-century skills or executive skills. Leadership, judgment, critical thinking and creativity are executive skills that can’t be replaced by automation. 

The Rainbow Trout International Kindergarten Phuket Primary Program will transform teaching and learning at school, moving away from the pressure to conform to the rigidity of the traditional school system, allowing students to learn through exploring, curiosity and play. A personalised curriculum is designed to ensure individuality and maximise the potential of each child. When learning is fun and relevant, children develop self-confidence and inquisitive minds. This program will equip our students to become citizens of the world who are self-reliant, socially responsible, financially literate, and well-rounded individuals.


Personalised Curriculum

Designed to ensure individuality and maximize the potential of each child.

Focused on Executive Skills

The school is focused on the “executive skills” instead of traditional academic knowledge.


Small Class Size
Small class size to ensure the best quality of teaching.


Focus on 21st-century skills

Strong focus on the 21st-century skills, collaboration, innovation and technology to prepare

students for the future.


Economic and Financial Literacy

Teach economic and financial literacy to children at an early age for them to learn good financial habits and be able to make sound financial decisions in the future.


Qualified Teachers

Qualified, well-equipped and well-trained teachers.


Intercultural Learning

Promote the learning of different languages and different cultures so that children will understand different cultural contexts and be able to work in different environments.


Teach the student to be independent

Teach children to be self-reliant as well as responsible, and compassionate to themselves, the environment, and the community.