Preschool Phuket
Message from Directors


Rainbow Trout started from the collaboration between the two dedicated mothers. We decided to build a small boutique kindergarten in Phuket, close to nature. We wanted to build a place where children can grow, be able to explore freely and being connected to nature without being afraid of getting dirty. Somewhere they can reach their full potential. Somewhere they can be accepted as who they are. Somewhere they will not be pushed to do too much academically or be judged or compared to other friends.


Somewhere that cares about them holistically instead of only academically. Somewhere they can learn to be a good citizen of the community, the country, and the world. We think that if all children are being taught and expected to make this world a little better than when they found it; then we can make this world a better place. And that’s how Rainbow Trout became a real school from a conversation and visions shared over strawberry pancakes and ice cream.


We particularly love Finnish curriculum in a way that it treats the child as human, future responsible adult, future of the country, future of the world instead of traditional school to focus on the academic aspects of education. To us, it is important every child is expected to be able to take care of themselves and be conscious that their actions can affect the environment and the community and the society.


The starting point of this curriculum is in the environment where children grow up and develop. The world is changing so fast and we believe they are going to live in a completely different world than we live in now. The way we look at education has to change in order to prepare for their success in the future.


We encourage you to come visit our school and see how we can together plan the best for your children in the most critical years of their life.


Best wishes