The Mission


The mission of early childhood education and daycare is to promote children’s holistic growth, development and learning in collaboration with their guardians. Our school promotes equity and equality among children and seeks to prevent social exclusion. Knowledge and skills acquired in early childhood and daycare will be carried with them for the rest of their lives. We aim to strengthen children’s active participation in society.


The Finnish curriculum is unique in that it believes that the parents are the most important educators of children in the early years. We work together with families to support their children’s growth in all areas.


The school's role is to educate and aid with our professional knowledge and for the parents to do their best in bringing up their children. The curriculum is individualized and prepared with input from the child’s guardian, taking the child’s wishes into account.


We have experienced and qualified teachers who carefully craft the yearly goals for each child. We gather detailed information from parents about their child’s knowledge, skills, strengths, interests and personal needs. The child’s background in terms of his or her language, culture and worldview is also considered when preparing the individualized curriculum.



Children in Rainbow Trout Creativity, The Harbour School will be provided with a balanced diet. Meals will be appropriately organized and supervised. The ingredients will be fresh, with low salt and low sugar. The food will be cooked with only coconut oil and the school has a nut-free policy. The school can also accommodate children with dairy and gluten intolerance. Parents must notify the office of any special dietary requirements. Here is a sample of the menu plan.