Preschool Phuket
Welcome to Rainbow Trout International Kindergarten Phuket


Thank you for visiting the website of Rainbow Trout International Kindergarten Phuket.  We are thrilled that you have taken time to find out more about what this unique educational environment can do for your child.


Our preschool opened its doors for the first time on 23 April 2018. We are the first preschool in Phuket to offer the high-quality Finnish curriculum on early childhood education and care for children aged two to six years old.


This curriculum promotes the child’s holistic growth, development, and learning and is focused on treating each child as human, a part of the community, society, the country and the world at large. This allows them to feel safe to express their real interests, without fear of being judged entirely on their academic ability. It caters to their individual interests and learning styles.


Our highly qualified and experienced team is geared to create an adaptable learning environment where the children in our care are given every opportunity to thrive, grow, question, discover and be an active participant in their personal growth. We encourage them to be aware of the welfare of all while contributing to and maintaining an ecologically sustainable world.


I firmly believe that the excellent staff and facilities we have here will ensure that important concepts are demonstrated, giving them the ability to flourish in future learning experiences.


I am looking forward to building a collaborative relationship with you as we work together in crafting a generation of humans who will reach their full potential and make a difference in the world around them. 





Jacqui Kuter